Sportgo Lite Privacy Policy

April 2018

At Sportgo Lite, we’re sincerely interested in making you comfortable with using our service.



By using Sportgo Lite and its services, you agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, any future modifications of this Privacy Policy, and the use of your personal information and data as set out in this Privacy Policy.



We ask you a few things about yourself and your team (aka your personal data), such as your geographic location, email address(es), name(s), and telephone number(s). We also ask for your facebook user name, but no need to share it if you don’t want to. All of this is specifically to make using our service easier.


Also, knowing your location and the type of sport you play helps us to improve the service to meet your specific needs over time.


In addition to any locational data you provide, Sportgo Lite will store your IP address and use your IP address to determine the city and/or region from which you are accessing Sportgo Lite.


We need your email address when you register and create your team because that’s how the service works. You don’t, however, need to give us your real name so long as you don’t purchase services from Sportgo Lite.



The general nature of Sportgo Lite means that at some point, a Team Manager is going to invite you to join his/her team. This will be an email invite that comes from the Sportgo Lite email servers. In that email we supply a confirmation link, and explanation that

Sportgo Lite will only email confirmed email addresses. By clicking on the confirmation link, you are granting Sportgo Lite permission to email you Sportgo Lite Notifications and other messages specifically relevant to Sportgo Lite users.


There are some situations where Sportgo Lite will email you before you can be confirmed, such as when your Team Manager has explicitly triggered an email. An example of this is Team Emails and Event Invites.



If at any time you wish to stop receiving email from Sportgo Lite, you can modify your email settings under your user profile by logging into Sportgo Lite and clicking on your name. Please be aware that opting out of email notifications from Sportgo Lite will affect the way in which Sportgo Lite’s service functions.



We don’t allow users 13 years or younger to use this site. But don’t despair! We do allow parents or guardians to use the site on their child’s behalf.



Cookies are a tool used by websites to track user activity. They make it easier for you to use and return to our website without constantly being asked to “Log In” and that is the sole purpose for which we use cookies.


Wikipedia has a good explanation of what cookies are and how they work here:


Our web servers keep logs of user activity so that we can watch for bugs and make sure everything is working like it’s supposed to. More information about how web server logs work and what information they record, read more information here:


Sportgo Lite also shares anonymized tracking data with some Third-Party tracking tools such as Google Analytics. This lets us see how our service is performing, and lets us make changes and improvements to the site which benefit you.


Also, we use JavaScript quite heavily to improve your overall experience with Sportgo Lite. You will need to have your web browser’s JavaScript functions enabled while visiting our service in order to use Sportgo Lite properly.



Sportgo Lite takes reasonable steps to protect the data stored in our systems, unfortunately no website is 100% secure and we cannot guarantee the security of your data.


That being said, user data is retained on a secure, encrypted, hosted data store. Furthermore, our staff have agreed to abide by security policies and are subject to discipline for any breach should it occur.


We do not store your user passwords in plain text, and if you ask us we cannot retrieve these for you. If you have lost your password there are automated functions on our site to help you.


In the unlikely event that police or a court of law require us to supply them with your personal information, we will only do so in accordance with the specific law of the jurisdictions in which we operate: Specifically, Canada and the USA. These countries have a number of specific regulations to protect you from unlawful invasions of your privacy.


When debugging, troubleshooting, resolving a dispute, or coding Sportgo Lite, employees of Sportgo Lite can and may look at personal user data. Sportgo Lite employees must adhere to strict privacy protection guidelines when viewing personal user data and will never disclose such data to 3rd parties or use it for any purpose outside the scope of the proper maintenance of Sportgo Lite.



We’ll always put the date of the last change to this policy at the bottom of this page. Keep checking back here if you’re interested in or concerned about our use of your data.


Remember, by using Sportgo Lite you agree to this Privacy Policy and any future modifications of the Privacy Policy. If you can’t or won’t agree with all of what you see in this Privacy Policy, we kindly ask that you leave our website and cease to use the Sportgo Lite services.





Should you have any concerns, questions, or comments about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at