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Learning System

Enhance your soccer team's development with hundreds of personalized practice plans, skill videos and animated drills.


Session Plans

Streamline your team's training with highly personalized session plans designed by today's best coaches.


Skill Videos

Enhance yours teams skill and strategy with hundreds of HD and on-demand videos featuring today's leading pros.

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Animated Drills

Access hundreds of animated drills and create fully customizable playlists for your entire team to watch.


Team Tools

Save time organizing your team each and every week through simple and powerful team management tools.


Team Organization & Management

Simple automated event invites, reminders and attendance reports mean less work for everyone. 


Team Communication

Easily contact your team, coordinate tasks and send last minute updates so that everyone is on the same page. 


Payment Collection & Tracking

Quickly assign fees, collect and track money from your entire team to avoid last minute payment hassles.

League Tools

Streamline your league administration with easy-to-use club communication and soccer education

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