Sport is an every day conversation that affects our lives and moves through all levels of participation, support and fandom. So every day, we gather as a team determined to amplify positive messages, and dedicate ourselves to developing and providing resources for great things to be achieved through sport.

Steadfast is our promise, to grow the athlete and grow the sport.

Beginning this fall, Sportgo will become the one stop destination, anytime, anywhere for those who live for sport, enabling communities to learn anything, connect everyone, and share everything. We will bring the corners of the community, country and world together. We will be here to celebrate sport with you!

Launching Fall 2018

Learning System


 Learn from the sport's leading experts by accessing endless custom practice plans, skill videos and animated drills.

Fan Development


Directly connect with your favourite professional leagues, teams and players and share their most iconic moments.

Team Tools


Stay connected with your friends each and every week through simple and powerful team management tools.

Sports Marketplace


Receive exclusive offers from some of the biggest brands in sport in order to support your pesonal athletic journey.

League Tools


Seamlessly connect to your  community with easy-to-use club communication, scheduling and registration tools. 

Health & Wellness


Discover much more community resources, including fitness programs, meal plans, and  mental health support.  

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